Photo Credit: Mia Monroe Photography

Photo Credit: R Lyles Vision Photography

Photo Credit: Adilene Alanis Photography

Where It All Began...

Jess D Studio is a creative photography studio located in the Chicagoland area.

Jessica, the owner, is a self taught photographer, with a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design. She purchased her first camera in 2011. It began as a hobby and turned into a passion. She had friends who were photographers, and even dipped her toes into modeling. However, modeling wasn't what she wanted to do. She realized she was more intrigued with what was going on behind the camera.

Her hobby began with taking photos of friends on her college campus and family members at home. It wasn't until having her son in 2019, she decided to take on photography as a career. She studied new editing techniques, started following some of her favorite photographers and studying their work. A few months before having her daughter, she booked a beautiful session with a local photographer. The experience was everything she could have dreamed of. After having her daughter in 2021, she discovered her niche. She immediately knew what direction she wanted to go in. While researching and studying lighting techniques for newborn photography, (because she was determined to do her daughters photos), she stumbled upon more Maternity, Motherhood, & Family sessions. She immediately fell in love with the techniques, the workflow, the experiences and more.

Now Jessica is offering these very sessions in her studio today.